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WordPress is the best choice in choosing a web platform that is both user-friendly and SEO-oriented.

In fact, Google, recognizes WordPress as being the best decision for generating online success as the web platform manages 80-90% of SEO mechanics.

So, what is WordPress and why should you consider it?

WordPress manages content and allows for customized website design and creation. However, it also allows users to log in and update it using simplified instruments via their user-friendly visual editor. WordPress makes it possible to not have to worry about coding the website.

Holistic SEO Company are experts in designing and hosting WordPress websites. All you need to do is let us design it for you and prepare it for you taking over the editing and daily administrative functions of new and existing web pages. It’s pretty simple so you do not have to consider hiring a web designer. If you need more convincing, please check out this video:

Watch this video for a brief explanation:

Why we use WordPress

Design Flexibility

As WordPress experts, we enjoy using its dynamic platform that serves as a web design tool for building customized websites. For a design reference and a testament of our WordPress expertise, please refer to our web design portfolio.

Powerful Plugins

Plugins enable us to add several impressive elements while designing your WordPress website. The amount of high quality plugins are growing, which means there are more ways to add to the website experience. For example, plugins can be used for creating customized forms, visual sliders, eye-catching details, analytics and search engine optimization elements.

Great for Search Engine Optimization

WordPress and SEO plugins combined can create an easy SEO optimization process. Combine this element with our team of excellent and highly skilled SEO content writers and you will receive a website that is designed to enhance your search engine rankings while catering to the pleasure of your target market.

Clients Love It

WordPress is such a user-friendly and non-technical platform that enables the least knowledgeable person to design and maintain a website. The ability to add and edit content is extremely simple. There is no requirement to understand HTML and Coding. Our clients love this aspect about using the WordPress platform and it shows when they tell us how pleased they are with it and how simple it is for them to make edits and changes to their webpages.

So Call The WordPress Web Design Experts

Let’s discuss how we can help your business grow with an online presence that is second to none. Customized WordPress websites are our business and we’ll be happy to get you started! Contact our local Los Angeles offices so we can discuss our SEO services and which WordPress solution is best for you.

A WordPress Development Company That Delivers Quality

Holistic SEO Company is a leading WordPress development company that can provide custom WordPress sites that will convert visitors into sales. We have been delivering our WordPress development services to clients in California and throughout the United States since 2017.

WordPress developers in California: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Fransisco, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Ana, Anaheim and other areas across California.

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