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SEO site audits are our most favorite service that we perform. Our passion is to collect and analyze data, and creating valuable solutions that solve your SEO problems. We love being problem solvers and it shows when we alert our clients of the vast amount of problems that are hurting their site’s search rankings. Here is a list of the various audits that we execute for our clients:

  • Deep Crawl SEO AuditsWe utilize this when the audit needs to be a comprehensive and multi-faceted process by reviewing your website at all sides of the spectrum. By searching hard for the technical inefficiencies, we look at elements such as content, on-page, and the architecture.
  • Website Transition SEO Audits –Website migration tends to generate an enormous amount of SEO problems in which web developers fail to notice when facilitating the transition process. This usually creates problems such as 404 errors as well as redirecting and duplicating web content.
  • Recovery SEO Audits – This audit is especially helpful if your website is faced with a manual or algorithmic penalty. We are fully capable of handling this by diagnosing the reason and fixing the problems in a quick fashion. In addition, we will immediately then request a submission for reconsideration.
  • Competitive SEO Audits – Knowing your competitors is the key to winning the SEO battle. Our intense competitive analytics will help give you the necessary edge that is needed to dominate and crush the competition.


Every audit has a different approach and it will depend on which type of audit you decide to incorporate. Here is general example of the auditing approach we typically use when performing a site audit.


The first thing we do is an initial data pull that’ll highlight a lot of the problematic areas right away.


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We will first implement an initial data pull in order to determine a majority of the inefficiencies at an early stage.

Prioritization of the issues will occur when all data is collected. We will start by identifying which issues are the ones that are hurting the site on a daily basis. This top-down approach will help us in getting positive results sooner and rather than later.


We will review each of your website’s pages to determine if they are correctly indexed as well as being crawled by the Googlebot without any problems.

GSC Sitemap Index

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GSC Site Index

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During this process, we’ll repair any problems that may be associated with your title tags, header tags, body content, and meta descriptions. This will be crucial for the Google algorithm to more accurately read and score the value potential of your website.

Page Level Issues


The culprit for poor website rankings are usually due to the fact that they have bad quality links that utilize optimized anchors. Fortunately, improving the quality of your link profile will help tremendously in achieving successful search rankings.

Backlink Results
Anchor Text Distribution
Domain Toxicisity
Potentially Poor Quality Backlink


We understand that you can’t afford to have duplicated content that is both internal and external of your website. Our tools for combatting this problem are Siteliner and Copyscape. Our expertise in handling this problem will ensure that you’re well taken care of.

Siteliner Duplicate Content

Contact us immediately for a free consultation when you think there are issues impacting the effectiveness of your website. It usually takes a few weeks to audit a website. However, implementing the audit may take months if there are more than the average problems impacting your site’s search rankings.

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