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Why Choose Us?

make us the best option for your web project or online marketing campaign.

You Talk, We Listen

We are firm believers that in order to succeed as a digital marketing agency, one must know their client’s goals and objectives before seeking out their solutions. A website that’s well-crafted and contains SEO optimization is pointless if it lacks a clear strategy. Therefore, communicating with our client is crucial as listening to them will help us brainstorm different ways to solving their problems.

We Value Integrity

Honesty, integrity, and sincerity represent our values in helping you build your business success. We’re only interested in selling you services that you need to succeed. If it’s not relevant, then we won’t try to sell you the service. Your trust and faith in our business is important to us. Too often, companies forget to treat their clients with genuine respect and kindness, however the Holistic SEO company has a policy of constantly embracing humanity when helping them.

We Know SEO

We are experts at utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this digital age, it has become an art form to be able to have a website that can easily be found in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If your website lacks proper ranking on each of these search engines, your current and potential customers will have a hard time finding it. Thus, your business will suffer greatly as a result of poor Search Engine Optimization. However, a brilliant use of of SEO Optimization will help you thrive with new customers. In fact several of our clients have found themselves able to pay off their whole website during the first month of new business lead generation that resulted from our SEO Optimization services.

We Create Outstanding Designs

The websites we design for you are natural and authentic. In other words we prefer to create the real deal rather than cookie cutter templates. This is how we reach our primary goal of positioning our client’s business as a top authentic player in their industry. Homemade websites that are professionally designed tend to help our clients ability to beat their competitors and build credibility.

We Use WordPress

WordPress is our bread and butter platform we use to design all of our client’s websites. It is the best open-source CMS available throughout the world. The ease of use by the WordPress platform enables clients and their own administrators to manage the maintenance and ongoing changes made to their websites from virtually anywhere. It’s a simplified platform that enables non-trained web designers the capability to easily change and alter their websites to their own preferences. The Holistic SEO Company will also train you how to manage your own WordPress site for FREE!

We Write Code That Works

When it comes to coding, the Holistic SEO Company takes the time to hand code all of our clients’ websites with updated technology that is cross-compatible. No matter the device your customers are using, our coding will make it possible for your website to upload smoothly. Whether the web browser is Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, we’ll test the code to make sure it fits well in all available browsers.

We Quantify Our Success

We hold ourselves accountable just as you would with us. Monitoring visitor activity on your website enables us to quantify the success ratios while working out any bugs in the process. Our monthly reports are generated and emailed to you, although, you can track the complete traffic data anytime that is feasible for you.

We Deliver On Time

Timeliness is important to our customers and ourselves. After all, time is money in any business and we respect that concept. That is why we set up deadlines that are realistic for all parties involved and we keep them. Our policy is to always keep our clients in the loop with constant updates and progress reports. This is is why we have an excellent track record at launching products at the agreed dates.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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