Social Media Advertising

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Social media advertising is the best platform for increasing the visibility of your brand and image. It also results into higher engagement of the user as well. The team at Holistic SEO Company that specializes in social media advertising knows how to utilize data to track the basic information of your users and how they maneuver platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Knowing this information is essential in generating results that lead to increased ROI.

  • In 2015, Twitter’s advertising revenue amounted to $513 million. This signifies a 60% yearly increase.
  • Advertisements with click-through-rates on Facebook represent 8 times more than the regular web ads on the Internet.
  • Facebook ads have click-through rates eight times higher than normal web ads.
  • At least $2.8 billion in mobile ad revenue generated by Instagram in 2017.

Let Us Be Your Social Media Advertising Partner

You already have a good idea of who is your targeted customer. You've been searching for the best Los Angeles SEO company so let us work together to utilize our expertise in social media advertising! Between your familiarity with your customers and Holistic SEO Company’s social advertising expertise, the two of us will:

  • Generate leads to reaching targeted customer base.
  • Drafting and designing ad copy that attracts new customers.
  • Investigate which advertising goals and strategies are successful and profitable.
  • Determining the location of your targeted audience.
  • Encourage the promotional benefits of being associated with your ad or company.
  • Generating leads from landing pages that increase ad traffic.
  • Monitor results from our advertising efforts through Google Analytics in order to keep a transparent relationship and make adjustments to the ad campaign when necessary.

Social media advertising is an expertise that Holistic SEO Company offers your business. We have a track record that proves our ability and commitment to utilizing sound strategies that build and create your business success.

Empower your business with our Social Media Advertising services and allow us to team-up with you to help you reach new successes.

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