Responsive – Mobile Web Design

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Potential customers should have a very pleasant experience shopping on your website. They should not have to stress out reading content that is visually hard to read and is unappealingly structured. The rise of mobile web surfing has increased this dilemma as it has cause the decline in web surfing via fixed and desktop computers. This means that more web surfers are engaged in websites that are not mobile friendly.

If a website is designed to function properly on any device, then Google will assign them a badge indicating it is mobile-friendly. The Google badge of mobile-friendliness will help the website increase its search rankings which results into better visibility and more potential clients and customers. This is why the Holistic SEO Company offers responsive web design SEO services in Los Angeles, CA and throughout the country that develops a website that focuses on the user experience with SEO optimization and capability to access your website via smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Need a website that allows visitors the ability to access and maneuver it by utilizing multiple browsers and devices? This is what Responsive Web Design does. It allows for graphics and content to fit perfectly on your smart phone, tablet, and desktop computer by incorporating special coding that communicates with your device in order to get access.

Holistic SEO Company’s Responsive Web Design

Unlike most web design companies, Holistic SEO Company creates versions of their client websites to cater all types of devices. Our mobilized an optimized services for any device consists of the following:

  • Creating a grid system that is fluid and flexible in order to create a function that allows the website’s measurements to adapt to visitors device screens. This makes purchases and lead generation a lot easier.
  • Coding images that are fluid while being able to adjust them to the specific size of all smart devices while preventing them from ever being stretched and pixelated.
  • Providing media queries that utilize CSS technology, which means it will rearrange content to fit any screen size. This ensures all content will be left in your website on any smart device used.

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