Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is the chosen analytics platform by more than 72% of Quantcast Top 100K websites. Holistic SEO company agrees with this approach and incorporates it into its own web analytics. In fact, we utilize Google Analytics for each of our client’s websites. This offers them transparency and valuable data that sheds light on their online marketing initiatives. In addition, each of our marketing experts are certified in Google Analytics and Holistic SEO Company is a Google Certified Partner as well.

Our Google Analytics Services

We offer comprehensive Google Analytics services to ensure we are capturing all the necessary data to make educated action plans

Google Analytics Audit Services

Need an examination of your Google Analytics account? Holistic SEO Company offers an auditing service for your Google analytics strategy to check for any discrepancies in the data collection process. We have a team of experts that are certified in Google Analytics and they will conduct audits on your account. Their auditing services will search for tracking codes, configuration, data integrity, conversion tracking, and account linking.

Google Analytics Account Setup

Your team at Holistic SEO Company can work with you in establishing your Google Analytics account. Whether it’s a new or existing account, we”ll ensure that it is efficiently installed as well as receiving the crucial business data that you need for the analytical portion.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Perhaps you already have Google Analytics installed for your business website. However, you might require additional assistance in improving results. Our Los Angeles SEO team here in California are Google Analytics Experts that can review existing data and make the necessary recommendations. In addition to these solutions, our experts can aggregate data to several websites, customize data reports, set up conversion funnels, etc.

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