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The Holistic SEO Company - Los Angeles SEO is greatly committed to holding itself accountable in the work it provides for its clients, while executing it with integrity. Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are the primary services that we provide for our clients. This is why we constantly force ourselves to elevate and improve our skillsets by working to achieve mass improvements in internet search rankings, traffic coordination, and increasing the positive returns on our clients’ investments into their websites. The following Code of Ethics represents our commitment and illustrates our company philosophy:

1: Our company will make it a constant policy of ours to preserve and enhance the search rankings, conversions, and returns on investment for our clients websites.

Providing our clients with a high-level service that works in their business’s best interest in an ethical, moral, and organic manner. We will continue to do this as the ongoing changes in search engine algorithms and website technologies prevail in this era of massive technological innovations.

2: Our company will always treat clients in a fair and unbiased manner.

Every action that is used for servicing our clients’ will be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner. Our clients’ entrust us to help them improve their business models and we should trust them for our own as well. This good faith between our business relationships will occur when servicing our client accounts and every time we consult and direct them for their success. There will be no favorites and we will be persistent in making sure that the allocation of efforts are maintained equally. If necessary, we will consider the option of assigning accounts to be managed by a different SEO account manager or SEO specialist for a fee.

3: Our company will ensure that client expectations are reasonably met with realistic goals and objectives.

We will not make false and unrealistic promises to our clients in regards to setting expectations, goals, and objectives. Our behavior to our clients will be in an honest manner that exhibits integrity, respect, and sound thinking that is aimed at achieving realistic success.

4: Our company will make it an ongoing priority to respect the confidentiality that our clients expect from us as well as their anonymity.

We do important work for our clients in helping improve their business online presence via the SEO and site work we do for them, including things pertaining to lead information, proprietary and intellectual property. The Holistic SEO Company will not discuss or divulge any information pertaining to their business. This includes our employees and contractors who have signed agreements for non-disclosure, which preserves client confidentiality.

5: Our company will not intentionally conduct any harmful actions that negatively impacts the brand and reputation of a client.

We will work to apply a high level of professionalism and ethics that follow search engine and directory standards and guidelines. We will never intentionally sabotage a clients website that can either get it penalize or removed from the search engine index and directory.

6: Our company will respect the rules of search engines and directories that are published. Any potential violation will not be intentional.

Regarding the rules and guidelines of search engines and directories, the Holistic SEO Company will work to stay up-to-date on the latest changes. As part of our service, we act accordingly to see that our client’s websites are compliant and not in any violation of these updated policies.

7: Our company will be lawful and respectful of government laws. Any violation committed will be unintentional.

The Holistic SEO Company will do everything possible to make sure it is not violating copyright laws or committing trademark infringement. We will operate the necessary due diligence to ensure that we are compliant to local and international laws and regulations of business conduct and Internet operations.

8: Our company will not replicate the work of others and pass it as our own work.

Our mission is to create original content and designs for our clients’. We have no interest in conducting plagiarism and any third party content we consider using will be based on the expressed consent of the owner.

9: Our company will be truthful and honest when dealing with consumers and search engine crawlers.

The Holistic SEO Company will work to provide the most accurate representation of any client website that we produce. We will not intentionally misrepresent or mislead this data in regards to search engine rankings and results, advertisement listings, and the clients’ website content.

10: Our company will not falsely represent the services and organizational identity of the Holistic SEO Company.

The Holistic SEO Company will remain loyal and honest in communicating its skillset and track record performance to its clients’. We will not falsely communicate the details of our Search Engine Optimization services, methods, skills, training, credentials, success rates, capabilities, and resources.

11: Our company will ensure that each of our clients receive the appropriate actions by us in regard to resolving disputes.

We will make our dispute services available and user friendly for our clients by having a section for it on our website. Contact information of our customer support team will be made easily available for client access. In addition we will provide access to information pertaining to the jurisdiction that any legal dispute is being settled in.

In Conclusion:

We are professionals that specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Website Services. We pledge to obey and honor the above stated SEO Code of Ethics. We promise to run our business operations with great sincerity, integrity, and loyalty to our customers in order to maintain the success of the Holistic SEO Company as a provider of Search Engine Optimization and Website Services. We also promise to work for the success and prosperity of our clients businesses and online presence as well.

Mike Brown, Owner

[Representing the Holistic SEO Company employees]

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